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Thistle Diy Wedding Invitations Ideas

Brides and grooms who may be marrying this year in the country of Scotland. Try and make your own DIY Scottish Themed Wedding Invitations.

The main flower of Scotland is called the Thistle. This would be a good choice to start with as an idea for your wedding invitations. As most people associate this flower with the Scottish Heritage.

A stunning green stem with a beautiful purple coloured head. An elegant flower for the front of your wedding invitation could be the thistle. A single flower can be chosen by brides. A Scottish Themed Wedding Invitation would not be complete without a little piece of tartan ribbon.

If you wish to save some extra money, you can use a single sheet of card. The diy wedding kits are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

After you are happy with the results from the practice drawing. Some photographs of the Thistle flower can be taken outside in the countryside. This is a good idea if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to draw. Both options would be great ideas for your invites. Try and keep the invite simple and let the flower do the talking.

Write the words Wedding Invitations across the top of the wedding invitation.

In the centre draw a Thistle.

Brides can think about intertwining the first initails around the flower.

The color can easily be adapted to suit the bridesmaids dresses. The bride and groom can choose a color theme.

Try painting some flowers in a line underneath the main thistle. Your wedding invitations will not only be unique. They will also be within budget . The invitations will be hand made by the bride and groom.

A unique invitation can be created by pressing fresh Thistles onto the front of your wedding invitations.

Brides can choose a lilac background as their wedding invitation. Try drawing a white thistle over the top of the lilac background. This will show off the simple and elegant flower at its best.

Your Thistle Flower can be decided on. You can save your template on your computer. You can purchase kits on line. Once you are happy with the results. You can print off as many wedding ivntiations as required.

Thistle DIY Wedding Invitations Ideas


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