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Things To Know In Holding Successful Summer Weddings

Before you start making all the arrangements for your special day, keep in mind some important tips for what to do and what not to do to make your summer wedding a successful occasion that people will never forget, said some experts from the team building companies. The time of year presents a host of hurdles that need to be carefully navigated to ensure your wedding runs smooth and avoids common traps that occur when couples don’t plan properly.

First off plan your wedding well in advance. Summer is a very popular season for weddings and if you wait until the last minute you will have a very hard time finding a wedding facility that isn’t already booked. You will also want to get a head start on hiring caterers, limo drivers, photographers, florists and other businesses involved in the wedding industry since their schedules in the summer will fill up quick. The sooner you arrange a date the more time you will have to start the important planning that can make or break a wedding.

Another tip for having a successful ceremony is preparing for bad weather. Everyone likes to imagine a clear blue sky with a shining sun and gentle breeze but no matter where you live summer can unleash sudden storms, intense heat, high humidity and lighting so make sure the venue you select has room to accommodate guests indoors should the conditions get rough. Be thorough in your tours of wedding facilities and ask plenty of questions when the managers and event planners are present so you can make sure they are prepared to handle sudden changes in the weather.

Speaking of humidity, remember that weddings are full of excitement and dancing and if your wedding is being held outdoors and the temperature rises you should have plenty of bottled water on hand to keep everyone well hydrated. Open bars are sure to be a part of the ceremony but it’s well known that alcohol and heat don’t mix well so make sure the venue you pick is courteous enough to offer bottled water and buckets of ice that can be placed all around the grounds so a quick cold drink is never far away.

Summer is when most families go on vacation and is also full of other weekend getaways and trips so don’t assume everyone will remember the date as you will. Sending out timely reminders via mail, email and even making some phone calls is a good idea for those guests you definitely want to attend. When you plan in advance and find the right wedding venue you can ensure your summer wedding will be a day to remember.

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