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There’s Much To Be Said For Small Intimate Weddings

For couples that are thinking about having a very intimate wedding with only their closest friends and family in attendance, something simple will do. Instead of looking at large churches, reception halls or ballrooms, your focus should be on small wedding venues. There are many venues that would be perfect for gatherings of up to 100 people. The amount of guests will determine the size of the venue. If you only have 50 people on your guest list, you can look for a place that’s even smaller although the one that fits 100 should be just fine.
Small intimate wedding venues are generally a lot more affordable than the average sized venue. If the budget does not allow for an extravagant wedding, there are plenty of fantastic smaller venues to consider. Having a smaller wedding does not make it any way less important or special. However, being among an intimate group of people who mean the most to you will make your wedding truly memorable.
Among the most popular small wedding venues we can include a chapel, garden, historical house or building, inn, bed & breakfast or even your favorite restaurant. Just because they are recommended does not mean that the one in your city or town is suitable for a wedding. The UK has many and varied wedding venues Surrey for example has a wide selection.
Check with them first to see if they have ever held a wedding? Is it possible to book a private party and whether or not they have the proper equipment and facilities you will need?
Other small wedding venues you should consider include wineries, the rooftop of a building, an art gallery or even your home or the home of someone close to you. These are definitely not conventional locations for a wedding, however with a little bit of imagination and some careful planning, almost any location can be transformed into the perfect venue for a wedding.
Small weddings tend to be less formal than your typical wedding. However it’s still important to be able to properly accommodate your guests, wine and dine them, and provide them with the usual entertainment. You have to make sure that your guests will be comfortable during the ceremony and reception. Is this place allowed to have catering? Do they have an area big enough to act as a dance floor? Is the lighting OK? All these questions and more should be brought up before you finally book a place.
If the owners or manager of the small venue you booked do not have a lot of experience dealing with weddings this may not be problem in that, if they have conference facilities London has many such venues, then they will have the experience of catering for both large and small numbers.

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