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The Role Of The Wedding MC – Part 2

At some point at the dinner and after the prayer, the MC will thank the guests for attending, say some short but pleasant words about the newly married couple, and then introduce all the members of the bridal party by name and possibly relationship to the couple. Some brides and grooms prefer to have this happening during the actual meal and others delay this until after the dishes have been cleared when everyone is done eating and either while or directly after the coffee and cake are being served or after the champagne has been poured.

Whenever it is programmed, you should have one or two good wedding MC jokes or one-liners prepared for the amusement of the happy couple as well as the guests.

This is also when toasts are introduced and made by various members of the bridal party and the bride’s and groom’s families. The MC introduces each person making the toast—starting with a close friend or relative or the best man who toasts to the bride or free cialis the bride and the groom—and then smoothly transitions between the various people who are making toasts to the bride and groom.

At some weddings only the best man and/or maid of honor will make toasts. At others, there may be toasts to and from the bride’s parents, to and from the groom’s parents, and other toasts made by family and friends. During the toasts, the MC should always be professional, polite, and appropriate. A little light humor is perfect for the wedding day, but make sure you don’t offend anyone or take centre stage – that means no mother in law jokes or adult humor.

If there are any telegrams or messages from guests who were unable to attend, the MC will also ask the best man to read these aloud to the bride and groom during the toasting time. Depending on the preferences of the newlyweds the MC might also be required to introduce other guests, asking that they can stand during the introduction.

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