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The Role Of The Wedding Bouquets

Usually at a wedding, the bride will carry a wedding bouquet while walking down the aisle. She then hands it over to the maid of honor until the wedding ceremony. The bride then tosses it over her shoulder and whoever catches it is said to be next in the line to get married. The bouquet looks beautiful when carried by the bride and many times, complements the bride and her attire. However, different cultures have different reasons for a bride carrying the wedding bouquet.

The wedding bouquet was a very sacred tradition and they always used flowers, unlike today, where people use different materials in place of flowers. The Romans made sure that the bride carried flowers as it was believed that she would have luck carrying the flowers. Another reason was to ward off evil spirits that could cause damage to their wedding. They were very superstitious and this was shown in their weddings. The flowers were mostly light-colored or white. It was very seldom that other colors were used in a wedding bouquet.

Perhaps, this is where the tradition of carrying a wedding bouquet stems from. No matter what the culture, bridal wedding bouquets are always seen as a sign of love between the couples. In another tradition, it was believed that when the bride threw her bouquet and another girl catches it, the luck of the bride gets passed to the girl. This is where the idea of being next in the line to get married stems from. Many people do not believe in superstitions nowadays, but the thought of not having a wedding bouquet can be simply appalling to many. Without even realizing it, the bouquet has become a sort of superstition or of well wishing.

A bride will probably spend a lot of time making sure that her bouquet has the perfect number of flowers and that they are in the perfect colors. The colors can be used as a way for the bride to express how she feels. The bouquet and the flowers are also the most stressful thing a bride has to worry about, after the reception and ceremony. Not only because they are difficult to pick and place, but because they are the most expensive thing in the budget.

A bouquet symbolizes much more than just the flowers the bride carries in her hands while walking down the aisle, when it is passed down to the girl who catches it at the bouquet throwing ceremony, it is as though the bride passes her good fortune of finding a husband to the next girl. While picking up flowers, make sure that you pick flowers that are resistant to heat. Even if the wedding is in the cooler months, body heat can cause damage to the flowers without even realizing it. There are flowers that are resistant to heat and are strong enough to be carried in a wedding without spoilage.

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