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The Right Accessories For Informal Weddings

Many brides prefer the relaxed feeling of a casual wedding. At an informal wedding, the bride should find that perfect balance of relaxed elegance. These are some tips on choosing beautiful accessories and wedding free cialis jewelry for informal weddings.

It’s most important that the bride’s jewelry complement her gown. If you have selected a simple gown, you should plan to shop for wedding jewelry that is also simple. For example, a pearl tin cup necklace would look perfect with a white linen wedding dress, whereas something more ornate would look out of place. A good rule of thumb is to pair an informal wedding gown with bridal jewelry that is open and airy, rather than heavy. Instead of a full tennis bracelet, try a bracelet with crystal stations; instead of tradtional pearls, wear a pendant.

One of the best parts about choosing wedding jewelry and accessories for a casual wedding is that you have a lot of room to experiment with unique pieces. A bride in a formal ceremony could feel restricted in her jewelry choices, but the bride in the casual beach ceremony can feel free to pick fun, unique accessories. Do not feel like you must choose a perfectly matched set of jewelry– a casual gown looks fantastic with mixed-and-matched jewelry.

To make your jewelry feel appropriate with an informal wedding gown, try adding color. For an informal wedding, you don’t need to feel trapped in all-white bridal jewelry; it can be fun to pull color into your accessories. White pearls dotted with light blue crystals is a gorgeous, sparkling way to get your “something blue. Or pile on a stack of wedding bracelets in a range of crystal colors. Pink, peridot green, and lilac crystal bracelets would be fun for a spring bride, or opt for rich hues such as amber, smoke, and claret for a fall wedding. Add color in a fresh and unique manner with elegant gems like pearls and crystals. If your wedding is not going to be traditional, why should your jewelry be?

Add some fun and play with the scale and shape of your bridal jewelry. You can pair a chunky crystal pendant with several dainty crystal bracelets or wear a bold coin pearl necklace with crystal stud earrings. Combining shapes will also give your bridal jewelry a great eclectic flavor; round and square coin pearls can be used in the same necklace or mix cube crystals with diamond shaped ones. Also consider wedding jewelry with a unique form, such as a beautiful keshi (or petal pearl) necklace or pair of earrings. Make your wedding accessories look as unique as you are and add your own personal flair.

All of your other wedding accessories can be chosen with the same carefree spirit as your casual bridal jewelry. You cuold choose wedding shoes in a bold color like blue or purple, wear a bright shrug over your dress, or use a funky clutch to keep your lipstick. As long as your accessories work in harmony with your gown, the final effect will be beautiful!

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