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The Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

Your best friend is getting married, and she has asked you to be her maid of honor. Without a doubt this is the stuff we girls have planned since junior high school.

We can see the dresses in our head, we can imagine the day, and now finally the time has come to make it real. However, one thing that will not have figured high in the planning list when you were a young girl was the maid of honor speech.

Don’t panic, though. You just need to think of this as a chat with friends about these two lovely people that you are maid of honor for.

Start with the basics. You need to let people know who you are, something along the lines of how you know lots of people here today but in case you haven’t met you are the best friend of the lovely bride. Which moves you neatly on to the next issue, and that is you want to thank them for allowing you to be part of their special day. See how this all flows!

Now you can introduce a little background information about your friendship with the bride, buy Femcare online and how you met the groom. Maybe you all went to school together. Perhaps you met her at work and him sometime later. Let the other guests in on this relationship and keep it light and fun. This also covers the reason why you have been asked to give the speech, and why you are more than happy to do so.

Then all the attention should turn to them. Retell best price cialis their love story in a way that you would recount to another friend what happened. Did they find love after adversity, or were they just friends who suddenly realized they should be more?

If you can add a few emotions this would be even better. A funny moment, a poignant moment – just be sure to end with something funny, not a story about how they nearly broke up and never spoke again!

The guests want to feel good not bad about the newly wed couple sitting in front of them all, so even if you don’t really see eye to eye with him remember she chose him, and you have to respect that decision. Now is not the time to get a jibe or two in against him. That would be really bad etiquette and to be honest very rude.

Start to conclude your speech with a short sentence or two about marriage being perfect for two like minded people who want to spend their lives together, and that you want to wish them so much love and happiness for a long and happy life together.

If they have children already you can acknowledge them here, and with the whole family unit health and happiness. If you want to you can have a short poem or perhaps some inspirational song lyrics at the ready here. This is maybe your poignant moment, so don’t make it too heavy.

Then draw the whole speech to a close by asking the guests to raise their glasses in a toast cialis professional review to the bride and groom – the perfect couple.

Brenda Jackson writes about wedding planning. You can read more about maid of honor speeches on her site TheBridesHeart.com.

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