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The Most Memorable Wedding Moments


Looking back at your wedding, what will the most special moments be? While it is different for every couple, there are certain times that newlyweds often say were the highlight of their wedding day. Your wedding will be filled with special moments like these.

Newlyweds frequently look back fondly on their first dance. Many couples report that it felt like the rest of the world melted away, and it was just the two of them together with the music. What will you do to make your first dance unforgettable? It is a good idea to practice dancing to your song until you feel very comfortable. The moment won’t exactly be the same if you are counting steps. The “wow” factor of a spectacular choreographed dance is not as important as having a meaningful moment to share with your new spouse. Although they can be amusing, a choregraphed dance is often about showing off, not showing love. The first dance is for the newlyweds, not so much the guests.

The wedding morning is when many of the unscripted moments occur which you will always remember. Private time spent together during a first look picture session is often truly unforgettable. On the other hand, if you are more traditional, an unforgettable point in the day may well be when the groom first sees his bride coming down the aisle towards him. Be sure to instruct your wedding photographer to capture that moment. Yours wouldn’t be the only groom to shed a tear when he sees his bride for the first time.

Lots of unforgettable moments take place with your attendants or parents. Lots of brides share a pre-wedding toast with their bridesmaids, and it would be great to capture that time with a few photographs of the bride with her lovely ladies in their beautiful dresses and bridesmaid jewelry. The best times can come even earlier in the day, before everyone has gotten into their dresses and bridesmaid jewelry sets. The informal times that occur during the morning while getting ready are often very fun. If you are very close to your parents, you may well have a sentimental talk with them in the last minutes before heading out to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding days tend to pass by in a whirlwind, which is why it is a wonderful idea to plan for a few minutes alone. Take a few minutes away from the reception to spend alone together just taking it all in. For some newlyweds, the time spent riding between the ceremony and reception sites is a wonderful alone time. It will probably be your the first chance you have to say a few private words. Hire a driver so you can relax and bask in the newlywed glow on your way to the reception. Some of the romance will be missing from the drive if the groom is busy navigating through traffic.

A great getaway can also be a high point of your wedding. It’s a very special time when the newlyweds leave their wedding to go start their married life. Put some thought into what would make the moment most memorable for you. Would it be paddling away down buy cialis online a lazy river in a canoe or riding off together on a bicycle built for two? If you are having a winter wedding, perhaps you would like to zoom off together on a snowmobile or glide away in a sleigh. Whatever you choose, plan for your wedding getaway carefully, because the last moment of your big day might just end up being one of the most unforgettable.

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