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The Meaning Behind Wedding Favors

Wedding favors symbolize the thankfulness of the bride and groom for those who took a special part in making their wedding ceremony a success. These gifts are given to the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the best man as well as the relatives and close friends of the married couple. Besides being a token of gratitude, favors may serve to liven up the gathering after the wedding and they may also serve as mementos or keepsakes for everyone to remember that day by.

Formerly wedding favors were only given out during weddings of wealthy families. The gifts traditionally consisted of expensive candies placed inside equally as expensive tin containers, usually studded with birthstones. Since then, an entirely different meaning has been attached to wedding favors. Specifically, these gifts are symbols of the affection returned by the wedded couple to those who showed their support by consenting to play important roles in the ceremonies. A wider range of items are used as gifts nowadays. Framed and autographed photos of the main participants in the wedding are often distributed after the ceremony.

Silver jewelry items are also suitable for giveaways. These pieces of jewelry may often be adorned with semi-precious stones or swarowski crystals. Pendants engraved with the name of the recipient are often included with necklace and earring sets for ladies while gentlemen receive silver rings, often engraved also. Alternatively, necklaces made of beautifully colored crystals may be given to the ladies while cufflinks may be given to the gentlemen.

Wedding favors can really be anything that is fitting to give to the relatives and close friends of the couple. The diversity of the items commonly given include soaps, fancy tea light containers, lighters for men and compact mirror cases for women, the traditional candy tins, place mats, coasters, personalized handkerchiefs, personalized dining ware and water bottles and many more. The imagination of the giver is the limit.

Specialty shops specializing in cutlery, jewelry and soaps are the places where you can have your wedding favors customized for your guests. There are also, companies that specialize in wedding favors themselves. These are associated with specialty outfits and are a kind of one-stop shopping place where one can buy favors or have them customized in case none of the catalogued items meet the preferences of the client.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to make these wedding gifts at home if someone has the time to do it. The easiest gifts to make will be candy boxes made of cardboard. There are many templates for making all shapes of boxes on the internet. Some of them are free under certain conditions.

Preferably, get a template for a lidded box or a box with some type of cover. This will make the wedding favors more symmetrical and neat. Besides, if you use cartolina paper with beautiful textures, all you will need is some lace ribbon to complete the gift handsomely.


Bennetta Elliott is a writer for Personalized Gift Express, which offers elegant wedding favors, personalized acomplia sales bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen sports gifts.

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