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The Ipad Wedding Album – Every Brides Dream Come True

Almost every bride would love their grooms to be involved in the planning. The ipad wedding album is changing things. Now brides are wishing the could get their wedding photos off their groom!

Wedding Albums

Traditional wedding albums can be bulky and awkward. Wedding album costs lead to an album of compromise. A wedding album has limitations.

Those days are over. Capture every moment on the ipad wedding album. For the first time you can have an interactive album of still photos and video.

Wedding Photos

After months of planning your wedding day is often over in a heartbeat leaving only the wedding photos. Your wedding photos are your lasting record of your day. You only have one chance with your wedding day.

Hopefully your wedding photographer has captured the essence of the day and every beautiful moment you missed in the whirlwind.

The ipad Album – Wedding Photo Display

As an album the ipad lets you seamlessly combine still photos and video in one album. It is interactive. Couples can go straight to the best bits, they can watch the best man drop the rings over and over again. Zoom in and out at will.

The couple have control at their fingertips.

Never before have brides had the bonus of such control over the wedding album. Best of all on an ipad it is easy to carry around and simple to share.

The biggest bonus for the bride is the interest the ipad wedding album is getting from grooms.

Get The Best of Everything

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Grooms can find wedding planning overwhelming. It has long been the domain of brides and their mothers.

Grooms can now get excited about their wedding photography. A new ipad gives you technology, photos, video and an interactive album. For the first time brides & grooms will be fighting over the wedding album!

Who wouldn’t want to show off their iPad wedding album?

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