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The Budget Wedding Favors

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I read recently that the average cost of a wedding has now halved based on what it was a year ago. No surprise really considering the current economic climate that couples are tightening their belts and opting for more conservative weddings and have begun to look for budget options for things such as wedding favors for their wedding.

When you began your wedding planning you should have allocated a sum towards your wedding favors and depending on how your budget has faired during the course of your wedding planning, this figure should still be in tact by the time you need to purchase your favors.

If it has changed and has needed to get smaller then you will free cialis need to look at budget favor options. Don’t panic though, budget needn’t mean lower quality; there are actually plenty of choices available to you for low cost favors:

  • Check out wholesalers for bargain prices on bulk quantities of things like candies, candles, mini photograph frames and even your packaging.
  • Edibles are still the cheapest option for wedding favors, with candies topping the cheap list. Food wholesalers can sell bulk packs of many types of candy, including chocolates and the more traditional almonds. If these packs are too big for the size of your wedding side effects of acomplia then check out favor stores who offer discounts on bulk purchase or who can offer large pack sizes at discounted rates.
  • Making your own is still an inexpensive way of producing your favors. Making your own cookies works out far cheaper than buying custom made ones and even simple favors like printed recipes can cost just a few cents each to print out at home.
  • Have a nose around your local supermarket. Packets of gourmet coffee or tea can be easily split into smaller packets and given as wedding favors and supermarkets often have great prices on things like tea lights or votive candles, even mini soaps and chocolates.
  • As a final alternative give your wedding favor budget to charity. It is a wonderful way to help others and your guests will appreciate the sentiment. You can give each guest a card saying – ‘instead of wedding favors we have decided to give the money to charity instead’. You can tell them which you have donated to and it is up to you whether or not you state the amount donated.

Achieving any element of your wedding on a budget can take a lot of creative thinking and looking around you for alternatives. Wedding favors are only intended as a small token of thanks from you to your guests for joining you on your special day. Your guests will not mind whether it’s a silver plated photo frame or a bag of candy coated chocolate hearts – it is after all, the thought that counts!


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