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Terrific Ideas For Beach Weddings


Are you planning a beach wedding for this summer or a destination wedding for next winter? There are many wonderful things that you can do to make your oceanside wedding a great experience for your guests. Pay attention to these fun ideas for beach weddings to get your planning started.

You can make it as clear as day that your wedding ceremony will take place on a sandy beach, and still many of the female guests will show up wearing high heels. You have to appreciate the effort they went to in finding the perfect dress, fabulous shoes, and beautiful beach wedding jewelry to wear, but high heels and sandy beaches simply do not mix. For that matter, mens’ dress shoes full of sand are not particularly comfortable either. A cute “shoe check” station at your wedding ceremony is the perfect solution. Set up a place where guests can swap out their fancy shoes for comfy flip flops. To do the shoe switch all you need, is a few sets of shelves, a basket of flip flops in different sizes, and a couple of chairs. Your guests will really appreciate your consideration for their comfort, and they will definitely get in the right frame of mind.

Greeting your guests with a drink station is another neat idea for a beach wedding. Summer days are usually hot, so why make everyone wait until the cocktail hour to get refreshments? This idea can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. A station filled with personalized ice cold bottles of water would be just right for a very casual wedding. Brides who are planning more elegant beach weddings, complete with exotic orchids, custom beach wedding jewelry, and large bridal parties might want to have a larger selection of drinks. Welcome your guests with tropical drinks in coconut shells or a daiquiri bar with a bartender whipping up their favorite flavors of frozen daiquiris. A third option would be a lemonade and iced tea drink station to greet your guests pre-ceremony.

Having fresh floral leis for them to wear is a fantastic way to get your guest into the island spirit. How can you be in a bad mood when your wearing a gorgeous string of flowers! Choose white leis for the bride and groom, which are understated and will not take away from the bride’s gown and beach wedding jewelry. For guests, bright colors like fuchsia are fabulous. Real floral leis can be ordered in bulk, so even brides who are getting married far from Hawaii can enjoy this wonderful tropical custom.

The scenery at a beach wedding is always beautiful. Take advantage of this by setting up photography stations which incorporate the best views as backdrops. This is the best way to be certain that both the newlyweds and all of the wedding guest get the most beautiful vistas in their pictures. You can string a pair of palm trees with floral garlands overlooking the ocean, and set up a photography station. A great wedding favor is to arrange to have a professional photographers there to take pictures of the guests in their cialis outfits and fun beach wedding jewelry. The photos can be printed out before the end of the wedding reception and given to guest in remebrence of their wedding.

Planning a beach wedding is always a wonderful project. From seashell escort cards to steel drum bands, there are bunches of wonderful ideas you can use. Your beach wedding will be festive and memorable when you fill it with fun and creative ideas.

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