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Suggestions For Your Miami Save The Date Announcement

Recently engaged and planning a Miami wedding? With so many great venues in and around Miami, a save the date card can help your guests make their travel arrangements and perhaps save some money by booking early.

Planning your wedding ceremony is not difficult, nevertheless it does take self-discipline. Short of employing a wedding consultant, quite a few bridal couples and their families can take charge of arranging their wedding event by using wedding papers effectively. A save the date invitation is a most efficient vehicle to help you arrange your wedding.

Soon after scheduling your wedding service with the church or synagogue and identifying the location for the wedding dinner, the key dates for the wedding event are usually confirmed. Equipped with this information, many engaged couples use a save the date announcement to give their guests a “heads-up” to help with making their airline travel preparations.

Although many will elect to send a simple card – frequently with a photograph of the engaged couple – prompting their guests to make their airline reservations, others make use of it to convey helpful travel details. By way of example, lodging information, nearby airports and, possibly, a wedding web site can be added to your save the date card.

Engaged couples are sometimes under the erroneous impression the save the date invitation must be matched up with the wedding invitation along with other wedding papers. While very helpful, this presupposes that one has already determined what wedding invitation they will use. This is normally incorrect.

Experienced stationers recommend utilizing a more casual save the date card that conveys a sense of delight for the upcoming wedding event. buy cialis online While a photo of the engaged couple is often a favored choice, engaged couples will opt for a seashore motif for an island wedding, a vibrant leaf for a fall wedding and, possibly, a snowman for a winter wedding.

You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of options for save the date cards. Many bridal couples believe it is easier to pick a theme that reflects the excitement of your special day to identify the invitation alternatives.

For those that have a somewhat more time and energy to plan, experienced stationers advocate adding practical travel and hotels details with their save the date invitation.

Sheila May is a founding member of the Stationers Guild. She writes frequently about engraved wedding invitations and letterpress wedding invitations.

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