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Styles Of Wedding Rings

There are lots of different styles of wedding ring but it is certainly safe to say that some are more popular than others. We’ve put together this guide to popular styles of wedding rings to give you a better idea about some of the best-loved options. When it comes to the metal the wedding ring is made out of, the most traditional option is gold. Typically this will be yellow gold, but white gold is increasingly popular so it’s worth checking them both out.

You can also choose some other lovely metal wedding ring options. One lovely choice is platinum, which is very appealing to a lot of people, largely because of its beautiful shiny silver appearance. As a rarer metal than gold, platinum rings tend to be more expensive but they’re definitely worth it. You could also choose a titanium ring, which is a nice modern option and, as a hard metal, it is ideal for rings meant to last a lifetime. Its attractive silver-grey appearance is great, too.

When it comes to the shape of the wedding ring, a lot of people like to base their choice on their engagement ring. That is to say, a lot of engagement rings feature stones that jut out over the top of the band and so people choose wedding rings that will fit comfortably over the top of them. This can be done by getting a jeweler to reshape your ring or you can also find matching sets of engagement and wedding rings that go nicely together.

As well as wedding rings that are designed around a woman’s engagement ring, a lot of other people choose to have a simple, plain band. Often this will be designed to match the man’s rings so you can have very similar styles. Typically, a plain wedding band will be slightly curved so it reflects the light and feels smooth, but it will also have a straight edge as this is more comfortable to wear. There are also variations on this available to cater for different preferences.

Increasingly, wedding rings also cater for more unusual choices as well as those people who prefer the traditional simple metal band option. This is partly because some women choose not to have an engagement ring but still want a ring that has a precious stone on it. Typically this will be a diamond but it could also be an emerald, sapphire or other gorgeous stone. These jewels will be set into the band so they sparkle discreetly but there are also bigger options available.

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