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Stag Parties And Things That You Should Avoid

Although stag parties are generally wild events, there are times when things can get out of hand. You will want this to be a night you remember for the right reasons and not because you are full of regret. So if you want to be sure you will have a party to remember for all the right reasons, then the following are some of the things you need to avoid.


– Don’t have a party where everyone is going to get blind drunk. Make sure that at least one person has their wits about them. When you get really drunk it can happen that you lose all inhibitions but if there is a sober friend around he can keep you on the right track. If someone is prepared to be the designated driver on the night then they will have to be completely sober all night long.


– Arguments about whose round it is can spoil a night but don’t let them. It is far better to organise a kitty before the night starts and make sure that everyone contributes. Where the kitty is concerned there should be some ground rules in place such as the fact that nobody should be ordering doubles of a drink if everyone else is drinking singles.


– Make sure you have a plan before you go out. This does not mean that you have to follow this plan to the letter but it is wise to have it in place. If you just play things by ear you might be left with nowhere to go to and none of the group will have any ideas. Arrange a plan before you go out and if you need to depart from this so be it.


– Don’t arrange the stag party on a work night. This can really put a dampener on things and people won’t want to really let their hair down.


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