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Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

As you make all the plans and preperations for your wedding day, make sure you keep in mind one of the most important things: giving your bridesmaids their gifts. Your bridesmaids deserve to be thanked for all the help they give you on your wedding day. Below are just a few of the hottest bridesmaid gifts for spring weddings.

Jewelry is always an excellent idea for bridesmaid gifts. You can either select bridesmaid jewelry sets which coordinate with your wedding colors or simply choose pieces which you know your friends will enjoy. One of the biggest trends for spring weddings this year is the color purple, in every shade from pale orchid to regal plum or exotic eggplant. Your favorite shade of purple can be a beautiful inspiration for custom bridesmaid jewelry. A pretty combination of elegant and of the moment is Swarovski crystal jewelry handcrafted with sparkling purple crystals. Either select one shade of purple and use it for all of your bridesmaids necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, or have jewelry sets designed in a range of colors so that each woman can have a slightly different gift.

Another fabulous bridesmaid gift idea takes advantage of two top wedding trends this spring: personalization and lots of crystals. A monogrammed Swarovksi crystal pendant is a very thoughtful and unique bridesmaid gift. The sparkling crystal disc is actually engraved with the initials of your attendants; it makes a very special bridesmaid gift which can be enjoyed for years after the wedding. If you are a romantic type, you can pick a heart shaped pendant, or you could just go with a really simple circle shape. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed that your bridesmaids will love it.

Butterflies are popular this spring, so why not choose bridesmaid gifts with that motif in mind? A Swarovski crystal butterfly pendant is a charming gift idea for your attendants. Or perhaps a small enamel box with a beautiful multi-colored butterfly motif would be the perfect accessory for your bridesmaids’ dressing tables? A butterfly patterned scarf would be a beautiful bridesmaid gift if your bridesmaids are into wearing scarfs. Or you could give your bridesmaids some other sort of gift but wrap it up in delightful butterfly printed wrapping paper as a whimsical detail.

Silver picture frames are a classic bridesmaid gift idea which will never go out of style. They make an especially thoughtful gift if you have them engraved with each woman’s initials. Add a picture of the pair of you enjoying a happy moment together, and you will have the perfect sentimental gift for traditional bridesmaids.

The best bridesmaid gifts have lasting value, which is why classic items like jewelry and silver are so popular. There are also many other non-unique bridesmiad gift ideas that anyone would love to recieve. If your friends love to garden, for instance, a very unique idea would be to give each one a flowering shrub to plant in her front yard. Work with a local plant nursery to ensure that the variety you select is hardy for her hometown, and then have the plant of your choice delivered (no fair asking someone to pick up their own gift!). Every spring after your wedding as the flowers growna nd blossom, your bridesmaids will always think of the wonderful time they had at your wedding and the friendship that you share. What really makes a wonderful bridesmaid gift is if it makes your bridesmaid think of you when she sees it.

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