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Some Of The Best Wedding Venues In Utah

Breathtaking scenery, plentiful options, and affordable venues are just a few of the features that make Utah the ideal wedding location. Here is a list of the most breathtaking wedding venues in Utah.


Wadley Farms

Lindon, Utah


Wadley Farms is a must see for any blushing bride-to-be who is planning an elegant wedding. Built in 1869, this beautiful venue boasts 18 acres of flourishing gardens and aromatic orchards. As you enter the property you walk through the hand crafted wooden and stone gates, then along a stone path that leads to just one of the many gardens. At night white lights are strung along the exterior to create a graceful and romantic atmosphere. Located just a few miles outside of Salt Lake City, Wadley Farms rests at the base of the breathtaking Mount Timpanogos. In terms of amenities, Wadley Farms offers plentiful and free parking, helpful staff and even allows you to bring your own food. Elegance, location and affordability are just a few of the things that make Wadley Farms the ideal venue for a Utah wedding.


Heritage Gardens

Sandy, Utah


Heritage Gardens is a one stop shop for your fairy tale wedding. They handle all of your wedding needs from caterers, to florists and even photographers all under one roof. This venue features a beautiful stone stairway, elegant crystal chandeliers, gorgeous wood accents and so much more! At Heritage Gardens the ceremony can be held in any one of three locations. The chapel creates the perfect environment for the traditional bride. For more contemporary weddings, the main room offers an elegant touch with high ceilings and walls lined with hand crafted mirrors. The outdoor bride will fall in love with the private garden featuring a bountiful array of flowers and trees. The staff is friendly, helpful, and eager to make your special day unforgettable. Although this venue can be a bit pricier on average, they offer a package to suit every taste and budget. Variety, ambiance and peace of mind are a few features that make Heritage Gardens one of the best wedding venues in Utah.


Canterbury Place

Bountiful, Utah


Canterbury Place is the perfect wedding venue for the bride-to-be who knows exactly what she wants. This venue boasts a large dining room and a versatile European setting. Their onsite state-of-the-art kitchen offers tons of catering choices. The beautiful European-inspired theme lends itself to the décor of your choosing. Canterbury Place is charming, spacious, warm and inviting. The staff is always extremely accommodating. Parking is plentiful and they even offer valet services! For more than 90 years, Canterbury Place has been creating fabulous dream weddings on any budget. Canterbury Place offers sophistication, versatility and flexibility making it a top choice for any bride-to-be.


Whether your dream wedding takes place in a traditional chapel, an elegant garden or a sophisticated European style dining hall, Utah is the perfect location to bring your vision to life. Each of these locations offers affordability, flexibility, and a staff that is eager to make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable.

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