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So Many Wedding Venue Possibilities – So Little Time!

For some people their entire wedding is catered around a venue, perhaps a place where the couple met, or somewhere important to them, maybe the place of their first date, or where they got engaged. Having said that, others find that they start with a blank page. Either way, selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions in organising a wedding.

Of course, with such an array of venues on offer it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here we outline some of the different venue types.
One of the first things to bear in mind in the venue selection process is that a wedding tends to have two parts, the actual ceremony and the reception. Some venues obviously cater for both elements; others require separate venues to be sourced.
One of the most traditional venue choices is a Church wedding. In recent years churches have become more receptive to welcoming couples from different backgrounds to get married and as a result, it is no longer a requirement for the couple to have regularly attended that church in order for them to be married there. With a variety of churches across the country, ranging from the picturesque village church to an inner-city contemporary church there is bound to be something to suit the couple’s taste!

Choosing a church wedding requires a reception venue to be sourced separately. Consequently some important factors may include choosing a reception venue that is easily accessible from the church or arranging transport for guests.
Country houses, stately homes and large country house hotels are popular wedding venues Surrey has many to choose from.
Often the allure of this type of venue is the charm and character they present. For more information regarding our stunning wedding venue please click here.
Quite a lot of venues allow exclusive use of the house and grounds for the day and offer the flexibility to hold the ceremony in the gardens or within the house depending on the weather and the couples preferences. Alternatively a few have churches within their grounds or very close by, enabling the couple to choose a traditional church ceremony if they prefer.

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