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Simple Ways To Cut Your Wedding Catering Costs


The reception typically takes about half of a wedding budget. The vast majority of the reception costs are the food and drinks, so if you can find ways to trim the cost of the menu, you will be able to save quite a bit on the overall reception bill. Discover the best ways to spend less on your reception catering without cutting corners.

Begin by looking over your caterer’s offerings by price, not category. Sure, a raw bar is impressive, but no one will notice if it is omitted from the cocktail hour. People tend to gorge themselves on shrimp, you it would be wise not to put it on the menu. If you feel like it is an absolute must to have a shrimp display at your reception, opt for peel and eat shrimp over ones that are already peeled – at least it will slow people down a little! Choose an affordable dish for the entree such as poultry or beef. Realistically, fish and seafood at receptions is not always all that fantastic because it has to be prepared well in advance.

Lately it seems like wedding hosts have felt obligated to have a huge menu of entrees for dinner. It is no big deal to leave it out if it’s too costly. Your wedding reception is a private party, not a restaurant. To spend less on dinner, choose one really delicious main dish, instead of having a whole list of options. This will result in a lot less wasted food, as the caterer will know exactly how much to order. If you really feel the need to offer choices, list two options on the response card so that guests can make their preferences known in advance and the caterer can plan accordingly.

Or think about planning an international menu instead of standard wedding fare to trim costs. Sometimes a restaurant will do catering for less than a catering company. Consider Indian or Spanish menus. Besides, if you select a menu that reflects your heritage, it will make your reception even more personal and special. It is always great when you can spend less and add to the meaning of your wedding. Guests always enjoy being served local specialities, like gumbo in New Orleans. Even if it’s not fancy, everyone will love it.

By considering the type of reception you will have, you can also spend less on the food. Having an early reception is a simple way to spend less. The overall best price cialis style of the wedding will be a bit more low key, from your gown and bridal jewelry to the decorations to the menu. A brunch celebration will not last as long, nor will guests eat as much. Not only will your food and drink bill be less, but you will also save on the venue rental and servers for the shorter reception. A cocktail style reception is a fabulous idea if you really want a nighttime reception. It is also a great excuse to wear a very chic wedding dress with fabulous bridal jewelry!

When you combine all of the different ways to save money on your catering costs, the end result can be huge savings. Who wouldn’t like to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their wedding reception, after all? Hey, maybe you can splurge on a fabulous honeymoon to Paris!

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