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Seven Important Notes About Custom Made Jewellery

Having a piece of jewellery custom-designed means you and a professional crafter make all the decisions about the piece’s design, what metals it will be made from and what precious stones will be included. You’re totally in charge, of course, but help is available to assist with design ideas and make sure the ideas expressed are practical.

You can have whatever it is you want since it’s your project, but some decisions make more sense than others. With all that decision-making power comes some important decisions.

Here are seven critical pointers to think about when designing custom rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants:

– Select the best precious stones your budget allows for. Let your preferences and your budget to determine the quality and type of precious stones you choose. Mass-produced jewellery is frequently made with lower quality stones to keep costs low, but it would not make sense to skim on a custom piece that might become a family legacy.

– Design a solid piece. Narrow, delicate patterns are gorgeous, but in most metals they are not very durable. Select metals that are as hard as possible then choose a design that takes advantage of the metals characteristics. You do not want a delicate piece that needs continual attention to maintain.

– Insist on top-end artistry. Use the best jewellery designer available, then demand that he or she never cut any corners in the design and construction process. Each detail should be hand-made hand-polished and perfect in every way. Expect nothing but the best.

– Know your gold. If you’d like a gold piece, understand that eighteen carat gold is soft and easy to work with. But you may prefer, as an example, fourteen carat gold for its hardness and ability to hold a complex design. Discuss your decisions with your designer, and do not choose your gold based only on budget.

– Always consider long term durability. Remember that each choice you make impacts seriously the piece’s durability over time, so accept the jeweller’s direction about which stones, metals, mounting techniques and design elements will wear well during several decades.

– Stay flexible — and select a flexible jeweller. You can have things just as you would like them, but your design professional could have ideas that will enhance your plans, so listen conscientiously. Choose a designer that may listen to your input too.

– Value your jeweller’s experience. When contracting with a custom jewellery designer, you aren’t just investing in the materials and his time. You’re investing in experience as well , so make use of the advice, comments and feedback that a good designer will provide. Following expert advice will make your final piece better.

Custom-designed jewellery is too critical and enduring to chop any corners.

Petra Bierberg is owner of Petra Jewellery Design and writes about designer engagement rings as she understands how much joy precious stones and marvellously made metals can bring to a family. If care is taken in the designing process, a piece can last a life-time — or longer.

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