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Services Offered By A San Diego Wedding Planner

San Diego wedding coordinators offer a variety of services or wedding packages that would suit every couple’s needs and budget. Initially you can search for the San Diego wedding planner online or can get recommendations from friends and relatives to find one. These days you can get most of information about the services offered, past experiences, successful projects, contact details, and reviews of any service online, making the selection process very easy. So if you are in the initial stages of getting to know what you can expect from San Diego wedding coordinators, you are in the right place to read up on some of the services generally offered.

A set of fixed packages are offered by San Diego wedding planner which cover most of our requirements and budget. If you have arranged for everything and you want to enjoy your wedding and not to worry about the details of the day, it is good to go with the basic package offered by most planners in San Diego which is also suits you as a budget wedding.  San Diego wedding planners ensures that everything takes place as per your plan and charges you just for few hours on the wedding day.

Listed below are the items which can be expected from a basic package,

•    Rehearsal (optional)
•    Venue setup.
•    To make sure everything happens smoothly as per your schedule.
•    Greeting and seating guests
•    Payment settlement to vendors

Apart from the above items few other items can also be included depending on the event and the venue. You need to have an organized planning which can be effectively passed on to the coordinator to take over and run things effectively for an successful event.

If you need something little more than this basic package then you have the next level of services that include the following cialis in addition to the basic service

•    Help with scheduling
•    Time line creation and distribution
•    Walk-through of the venue
•    Additional service hours on the wedding day
•    Confirmation of vendors
•    Rental returns

You can go for the next level of complete coordination with partial planning if you can stretch your budget a need more help. This next level of service includes.

•    Additional coordinators
•    Additional service hours
•    Contract reviews and recommendations of vendors
•    Schedule and Budget setting
•    Complete wedding coordination

The complete package that you can avail of from the San Diego wedding coordinators is the best one where you don’t have to mind a bit about anything.

•    Unlimited service hours
•    Venue selection
•    Complete vendor management
•    Guest room booking
•    Help with theme development etc.

A free initial consultation was offered by most San Diego wedding coordinators where you can understand each other well. You can also avail the help of San Diego on an hourly basis for certain aspects apart from the packages they offer which means you can just take their help just for rehearsal diner or hotel booking or vendor management etc.  The average hourly rate that is prevalent for wedding planners in San Diego is $100. For a minimum of two you avail their services. These rates differ according to the experience and demand of the coordinator. They will charge extra for assistants and overtime.

You should make sure that you book the services of a San Diego wedding planner well in advance to get the most of it services. San Diego is the better place for wedding owing to its beaches, climate, diversity and beautiful venues. So it is essential to book at least two months before.

Article by Lisa Moore of MySanDiegoWeddingPlanner, a website with the best San Diego wedding coordinator information.

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