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Secrets For Cutting The Wedding Reception Bar Bill


As far as most wedding guests are concerned, the most important part of a wedding reception is having an open bar. But for many brides and grooms, the cost of providing unlimited cocktails can quickly get out of control and over budget. It is possible to have an open bar at a reasonable cost with these tips.

A good place to begin is to cut back on how many kinds of alcohol you have. It is not necessary to offer every type of liquor under the sun. When you have an open bar, you are giving away refreshments, but that doesn’t have to mean catering to every last whim. Many couples will serve a limited selection of wines (at least two or three each red and white), several popular brands of beer, and just a couple types of hard liquor like vodka and rum. Have lots of different sodas, juices, and other mixers available for custom drink orders.

Surprisingly, the signature cocktail trend is not only chic, but money saving. It will reduce the need to order a lot of things that won’t ever be used. Most everyone will be satisfied with options that include the most popular mixed drinks and a nice variety of wine and beer. Everyone loves the signature cocktail testing session with the caterer. For instance, brides who are planning tropical weddings and wearing beachy gowns and bridal jewelry sets could feature a tropical favorite like daiquiris. If unique sets of bridal jewelry and an urban loft sound more like your style, choose a sophisticated drink such as martinis.

Almost every reception will have some kind of champagne toast. That does not mean, however, that the sparkling wine has to be imported French Champagne. A very easy way to cut back on your bar tab is simply to substitute a different sparkling wine for the toast. prosecco or cava. A high quality domestic sparkling wine is another option. A good tip is not to set out glasses of champagne for guests when they arrive, but to pass it out right before the toast instead. That will help to further reduce your toasting bill. And if the newlyweds have always imagined toasting their new marriage with Dom Perignon, cialis online they can share a bottle after the reception in their honeymoon suite.

Nothing will trim alcohol expenses faster than moving the reception start time earlier. People just don’t drink as much at noon as they do in the evening. If you really want to reduce liquor costs without resorting to a cash bar, have a brunch wedding. For brunch, simply serve a few choices of wine and beer along with a champagne punch. That will be enough choice for an early meal.

If an evening wedding is definitely your plan, discuss with your reception site the drinking habits of your guests. Pre-paying a set fee for the bar makes sense if your guest list includes people who can really knock ’em back. On the other hand, if your friends and family tend to be light drinkers, you may save money by having the reception site bill you for each drink actually consumed. One final tip is to stick with basic glasses, rather than renting a large array of specialty glasses. A super easy money saver is to tell servers not to take away half empty glasses. All of these little things will add up to substantial savings on the alcohol bill for your wedding.

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