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Scouting Around For Your Soul Mate

What is all this hullabaloo about soul mates and destiny and finding “the one?” For February the coming year, let us get back to real life and not over romanticize the idea of fate.


You had me at hello. You complete me. So go the renowned lines from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire. It’s a enormous concept, not only that we’d like a person to complete us, but that she or he is out there patiently waiting. There are many opinions on what is really a soul mate; for many it doesn’t always include romantic love.


Looking at it From a Scientific View Point


It is perfectly normal for us humans to look for someone perfect, someone we could spend the rest of our lives with. This “romantic” urge has been analyzed coming from all kinds of scientific perspectives. Physical scientists pin the consequence on it on hormones and biochemistry. Anthropologists, those who study humans – past and present – interpret it by examining procreative instincts, cultural myths, and mating behaviour. For psychologists, this comes from deep-seated issues that started from childhood and also of our wish to be reunited with our mothers, who were our perfect first loves. These are not exlcusive or contradicting theories. Just like any other physical encounters, there is an underlying spiritual root or realities from which these manifestations of desire originate from.


Soul Mate Described


The textbook meaning is “soul mate” is someone with whom we have a feeling of natural and deep affinity, love, friendship, and/or being compatible. It doesn’t have to be an affinity for just a single person. You could be soul mates with a relative, a close friend or your partner. The most romantic meaning of a soul mate is the concept of twin flames or twin souls. This revolves around having to find your only other half so you could ultimately join together. When these two halves are joined, the deal gets sealed with a diamond solitaire engagement ring fantastic offers. This theory stems from Plato’s “Symposium” where he explains that we were all born with two heads and two sets of arms and legs. According to the myth, Zeus got angry one day resulting to him cutting us in half and leaving us to spend eternity finding our other half.


Eternal Love?


What this all boils down to a finding a relationship with your soul mate to be natural fit. I have been a serial dater at some point in my life, however, no one has come possessing the elusive x-factor. And like a thief in the night, it comes unexpected. Last year, I met someone at the most inopportune time and in the strangest way. He happened to be one of those I rarely get along with on so many levels. Is who I can call my soul mate? Possibly. My love for all eternity? I don’t know. The truth is we’ll only know the answers to these questions when our lives are almost over and look back at the bigger picture. As far as I’m concerned, I have the most elegant diamond engagement rings on my finger now.


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