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Savvy Wedding Season Savers

A recent survey conducted showed that the average wedding in the us cost $27,021. This is definitely a surprisingly large number given the current economic climate. Couples spent an average of $12,000 on venues alone. For those seeking a less expensive option, there are many alternatives to consider. This article has been shared by Wedd Secrets. You can find Wedd Secrets by searching for wedding reception decor ideas.

First, many venues will offer a considerable discount whenever the event is held on a Friday evening or Sunday versus a Saturday, which is the most popular option. Beach weddings can be romantic and cheap. For the ones that might not live close to the beach, parks are also an option. Many parks charge a paltry fee for shelter rentals. The casual setting is great for couples inviting families with children. State parks frequently have indoor areas that overlook beautiful lush landscapes and can be rented at a fraction of the price of a private venue. And while many private venues would need the use of certain caterers and have minimum alcohol charges, parks have no such stipulations.

Second, consider working with a friend or relative for catering. If you are aware of someone who is a wonderful chef and needs help venturing out in the business, he/she may just be happy to offer you a great discount. And remember that there are no strict rules about providing guests with a meal. Many weddings occur later in the evening and guests are served cocktails and hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit-down dinner.

Some couples want to present a meal to their guests, however, considering that they have traveled a great distance to celebrate the special day. Family-style dinners as well as buffet-style dinners are a much more affordable option. Both also encourage guests to mingle and interact with everyone while giving a fun atmosphere over a very formal plated reception.

When considering flowers, you should choose something in season. This can save you up to thirty percent. If you live near a farmer’s market, you should usually find florists that grow their own flowers locally. This choice is affordable and you have the added benefit of supporting a neighborhood business.

Centerpieces could add thousands into the budget. A wonderful and cost-saving approach is to invite people to your home to assemble centerpieces with store-bought flowers. There are lots of flowers which will certainly last several days so this can be done well ahead of time and may give you a unique bonding experience. Be sure to ask your florist for low-cost options. Those that don’t plan to spend nearly $30,000 on your wedding, think about these options to have a memorable day without breaking the bank.

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