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Rhinestone T Shirts Make For A Great Hens Party Theme

When planning a hen night one of the fun things worth considering is to dress in theme. This can involve concepts such as dressing as schoolgirls, going formal, or having matching hen shirts.

Getting dressed in matching hen shirts is a good way for everybody to get into the essence of the night. Weddings can be complicated sometimes as there can only really be so many in the bridal party. One technique of including family and friends that might not be involved in the marriage is to have friends wear a hen party t shirt that will help them feel a part of the celebration and make the bride to be feel special as well. Hens nights are a good way for the bride to be to enjoy the celebrations, without the stress of her big day. The designs or sayings on hens night t shirts are frequently screen printed, embroidered or adorned with rhinestones.

When deciding the words to put on tot shirtsthere are a variety of options such as (Bride’s name) Hen Party, Team (Bride’s name), ‘Girl’s Night Out ‘, or perhaps something witty like ‘Naughty Night Out ‘ or ‘Drunk and Gorgeous’. It is usually less costly and easier for the hens party to wear the same design and t shirts. Another choice is for the bride to wear a hen party shirt that says ‘Bride ‘, or Bridezilla if she has a sense of humour. Bridesmaids can wear ‘Bridesmaid ‘ and perhaps the rest of the party could have something like ‘Bride’s Entourage” or ‘Bride’s Escort’. ‘Girls Night Out ‘ is also a great choice that can be used for future occasions. Once the slogan is chosen you will need to find supplier that can design and produce the logo and shirt.

A great way to discover a provider is to scour the web using keywords such as iron on transfers, rhinestone transfers, screen printing or embroidery. There are 1 or 2 significant things to remember when arranging for hen party t shirts. Importantly, allow enough time for the t-shirts to be designed, produced and sent to each member of the hensparty. Also make sure that the shirts fit everyone. Send the shirt measurements to hens party members and have them choose which size they might like.

Otherwise, request each member of the hens party to supply a shirt of their own selection. If using tshirt transfers, you could apply them with a standard household iron or better still, ask the supplier of the transfers to apply them for you. This option may require some postage and handling costs, but will make sure the designs are properly applied if you do not feel confident in doing this yourself.

Once the shirts have been made, make sure that everybody receives them on time. On the night they'll be a talking point with everyone. The best part about having hens shirts is that at the end of the night everybody gets to keep the shirt as a special keepsake.

Lilly Boyce is a designer and writer for fashion who has discovered the potential and wonder of iron on rhinestones. Her main interest is in hot fix rhinestone designs and applications that create trendy and inexpensive clothing using iron on transfers in glamorous rhinestones. Rhinestone transfers are a superb and fast way to create affordable and glamorous clothing and are a perfect concept for hens night ideas melbourne. For more information, click here and visit blingworks today.

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