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Rehearsal Dinner Invitations -Information and Tips

Wedding invitations are a big deal.  Long after the wedding ends people hold onto the invitations.  The invitation also helps set the stage for the overall wedding experience.  The rehearsal dinner is an important part of the wedding, so the rehearsal dinner invitations are also a big deal.  Keep in mind too that years later, this invitation will be something the bride will proudly show her children and even their potential spouses.

One element of these wedding rehearsal dinner invitations is to whom they’re sent. cialis soft tabs vs cialis It’s pretty simple. Anyone who cialis dosage has had a hand in making the wedding happen should receive invitations to the rehearsal dinner.  This will be the bridal party, the bride’s parents and groom’s parents, and other close people the couple to be would like to invite.  Don’t forget the person who delivers the vows.  Keep the list relatively small, limited only to those who have responsibilities during the wedding.

There are a lot of options for designing and printing these rehearsal dinner invitations. Many people opt to have the people who create the wedding invitation create these as well. It makes good sense. This tactic means one vendor provides all the services, making it easier in general to handle the invitation portion of the entire wedding. Also important is a consistent design. The design remains the same, or can be a kind of riff on the main wedding invitation design, if the same artist or designer is involved with both. Consider too the element of bulk discount. It’s more likely to get a little discount if all the invitations are designed and printed by the same entity. But the reception dinner is generally handled by the parents of the groom. While the bride and groom will be involved in every aspect of the wedding, the groom’s parents may feel more special if they can deal with these invitations outside the parameters of the actual wedding invitations. A slightly different design might also add some variety and spice to the wedding.

The wedding reception is a big part of the overall experience. It’s almost like a free throw in basketball. It seems pretty mundane, but if handled correctly the rehearsal dinner invitations add an important element to the wedding. A poor job on the rehearsal dinner invitations can spell disaster.

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