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Reducing Carbon Footprints Through Sustainable Wedding

Sustainable wedding is a relatively new buzz word in the wedding planning industry but the concept of sustainability is an old but still very relevant concept. It is a concept that is actually now more relevant as the ravages of climate change are becoming evident. It is a concept that is not anymore only being embraced by environmental activists and ecologists but by the general public.

Going green

Environmental awareness or ‘going green’ is not anymore just a fad but now part of a global movement that is gradually taking hold on the consciousness of individuals and various institutional sectors, including the government and business sectors. Green wedding is not just a motif but a social responsibility on the part of the wedding planners and all those involved in organizing wedding events.

Wedding events may not seem to have significant environmental impact but any effort to reduce carbon footprints is always laudable. Small efforts in minimizing pollution and unnecessary consumptions can be magnified if many people are contributing.

Many methods can be used in planning and implementing sustainable weddings but the bottom line is about reducing the total carbon emission. From the cooking and transportation of food to the reception venue to choosing decorations and giveaways, from sending invitations to seating arrangements, from lighting to sound system, sustainable weddings is all about minimizing wastes. Of course, this is almost impossible to do without considering the means of optimizing resources and energy.

Minimizing costs

Wedding is a very special event but it does not necessarily have to be expensive to make it truly memorable and meaningful. Reducing the costs is not only economically practical but also environmentally sound. For example, slightly used garbs, dresses and decorations can be reused instead of buying new ones. In this manner, wastes in terms of additional expenses and potential trash can be avoided or at least reduced.

Choosing local caterers, wedding supply stores and other services can also significantly reduce the cost and carbon footprint of a wedding event. For one, the amount of fossil fuel that needs to be burned in terms of transporting food, equipment, and supplies can be reduced.


Selecting a wedding venue in Melbourne is also crucial not only in terms of distance or location but also in terms of the available electrical equipment (including sound systems), tables and chairs, and building design. Choosing an outdoor or open air venue is more environmentally sustainable to some extent compared to choosing an enclosed, air-conditioned venue. This is assuming that the weather will allow such outdoor wedding reception. Gardens are ideal for this purpose. Finding the right location will not only provide the convenience in terms of accessibility but also will allow wedding events to minimize financial costs and carbon footprints.

Article By Johnathon F Black

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