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Read Some Information On Silk Wedding Bouquet

Whenever you mention wedding bouquets, most people will automatically think of having fresh flowers to help celebrate their special day. But did you know you can also opt for a silk wedding bouquet?

A silk marriage bouquet is the ideal choice to make if you want to defy the practice of throwing your bouquet after the marriage and keep it for your memory box. If you would still like to throw it, you can always have a second silk wedding bouquet made to keep afterwards.

A silk bouquet has many advantages over a fresh flower bouquet, not least that you don’t need to worry about flowers wilting if your wedding takes place on what turns out to be the hottest day of the year.

Buttonhole Anyone?

A silk wedding bouquet can also be co-ordinated with the buttonholes your guests will wear. Many guests like to preserve their buttonholes from a special wedding for someone close to them, and this is made far easier if you provide them with silk buttonholes that don’t need to be dried out. They will keep wonderfully for years and years, preserving memories from a special day.

Getting Married Abroad

Marrying somewhere apart from your house country is beginning to become very hot these days but this could mean additional complications when you’re making your marriage arrangements. When it comes down to fresh flowers you’re going to need to order them in the country you are marrying in. That can be difficult if you don’t speak the same language and you find it hard to explain exactly what you want.

With a silk wedding bouquet and buttonholes, that problem is instantly taken away as you can make all the necessary arrangements in your own country and order everything you need before you travel. A silk wedding bouquet and buttonholes are extremely light and easy to transport, so you won’t have any need to struggle in a foreign country.

Opting for a silk wedding bouquet also makes the planning of any wedding that bit easier, as it can be done well ahead of time. A silk marriage bouquet will look just as striking on the day on which you hold it at the end of the aisle as it’ll 10 years later – or perhaps one or two months before, if you’re organized enough to order it that early!

As you may be able to see there are numerous benefits to ordering a synthetic bouquet instead of having real flowers at your marriage, and nobody will know the difference.

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