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Proposing With Unusual Engagement Rings

Though the traditional diamond ring is still a classic and widely popular, people are turning to unusual engagement rings to celebrate their love for each other. A very common way to do this is to choose one of the many designer engagement rings available. Additionally, people can choose to design a unique engagement ring themselves.A ring does not need to be traditional in order to be eye-catching and lovely. Rings that look slightly different than the traditional diamond ring, those that have an unusual design or feature a non-diamond gemstone or different metal blends are all options for ensuring a unique look,

14- carat gold is only one of the many metal bases available. An increasingly popular choice is titanium since it is less expensive than platinum but looks quite nice and is also extremely durable and scratch-resistant. For a fancier touch with the same durability, platinum is another option. Other choices include white gold/yellow gold, rose gold and palladium.

An engagement ring need not have a diamond as its gemstone in order to look classy.Many designer engagement rings are now including gems like the amethyst, the emerald, the aquamarine, the pearl, the ruby or the sapphire. These are not the only types of gems that can be used, but they do have special significance. The amethyst symbolizes deep love, happiness, sincerity and wealth. Tranquillity, hope, renewal and spring are the characteristics of the emerald. The pearl is another example. It is a symbol of integrity, purity, wisdom, beauty and faithfulness, as well as wealth.

The Turkish puzzle ring, Hawaiian name rings, the Russian trinity ring and the Irish Claddagh ring are all highly valued in various cultures. Mokume Gane, a Japanese design, is an additional option. The design of the Claddagh ring includes a heart enveloped by two hands with a crown atop the two other symbols. Each of the elements of the motif show one of the characteristics of loyalty, friendship and love. The Russian trinity ring typically has a blend of several different colored metals. In a similar fashion, Mokume Gane is made of mixed metals with patterns. Since Mokume Gane is a highly skilled art, any rings in this style need to be special ordered.

The old adage “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”  is not necessarily relevant in the current era. This does not mean that some people do not still prefer diamonds; it simply means that tastes are expanding. People looking for unusual engagement rings might look to rings from various cultural traditions. The Irish Claddagh ring and the Turkish puzzle rings are just two examples of uncommon engagement rings and wedding bands. They might also look at gemstones like pearls or amethysts; each of which has special significance. Unique rings can also be created with varied metal bands.Colored metals used for trinity rings, Mokume Gane and rose gold are all unique metals. If the couple does not find anything that quite works for them, a cocktail rings is a good alternative.

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