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Produce A Wedding Speech With These Five Steps

Before composing the wedding toast, compose yourself, grab pencil and paper, and dive in to the job of toasting the bride and groom on their momentous day. Knowing these easy steps, you may surprise yourself at how clever a writer you have become.


1. Record Your Ideas

As the inspiration of what exactly you want to memorialize and the memories you want to include start to surface, capture these thoughts on paper as they appear to you. Do not obsess about the finer points of writing, but instead use this rough draft to gather your thoughts.

2. Reorder Your Thinking

With this collection of words, choose which of the ideas you would want to actually use in your speech. Don’t discard any entries yet as they may make the perfect stories in between main ideas of your wedding speech. If you think about speeches you’ve read, try and remember what it was that made them stand out above all the others, and incorporate those techniques in your cialis without prescription speech.


3. Edit and Refine

Now that there is some sense of refinement to your ideas, it will probably be natural to edit these once more into a more formal document. Check the placement of each item against the flow of  your wedding speech. It will now become easier to edit out the ideas that don’t fit the intent of your speech. Try to limit yourself to between five and seven thoughts – the limit of items that the human brain can retain on the fly.


4. Vocalize

Now that your speech has been composed, actually stand and speak it to a pretend audience. Actually vocalizing it may help you see it in a different light. After performing at least ten versions, pause to note how much your speech has changed from your first vocal attempt. Repeating it verbally also will help you add elements such as dramatic pauses and body language.


5. Perform It

When you feel that your speech has become solidifed, find a live audience and present it to them. Their reactions will be your strongest indication of whether your speech is suitable or needs further tweaking.


If you have used these elements to compose your wedding toast, you are probably well beyond concern and ready to enjoy the thrill of entertaining the bride, groom, and all of their guests on that very special day. Smile for the cameras!

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