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Planning The Perfect Day

The choices are in planning a wedding are overwhelming: daytime or evening wedding; type of wedding venue; attire for the wedding part; and the traditional or digital wedding photography to preserve memories. Maintaining open lines of communication and sticking to a budget are essential in avoiding stress and misunderstandings.

The best person to start planning is with your fiancé. While this seems obvious, brides become overwhelmed with input from friends and family. Take time to make a list of priorities with your fiancé and use the list to guide conversations with wedding party members. Since grooms often feel left out in the wedding planning, this strategy helps have his voice heard and reinforces the partnership marriage embodies.

Budget concerns are a source of stress for brides. Daytime weddings are less expensive evening weddings because traditionally ceremonies taking place during the day are less formal than evening ceremonies. Weddings held during the day can be held in venues with no cost such as a beach or park. The attire in daytime weddings tends is less formal than those in the evening. The lighting is much more forgiving during the day making amateur digital wedding photography much easier. Bridal photographers guide and support to build a wedding photography company.

The Perfect Wedding Gift

A great way to share in a friend’s wedding festivities is to offer the gift of digital wedding photography. If you have a quality camera and a good eye for composition of pictures, this gift is one the bride and the groom will treasure for a lifetime. Here are some simple pointers to ensure your success.

There is the common misperception digital wedding photography is a simple exercise in just pointing the camera and clicking a button. While using a digital camera is easier than film photography, the photographer still needs to attend to composition of the picture, lighting and getting all of the photos the couple expects. Remember never put the principal subject in the middle of the picture. Compose pictures by dividing the pictures into thirds and place the person in either the first or last third of the picture.

Lighting is another important factor. Natural lighting is the best option as one does not have to account for distortions of flash photography. For those people who are unfamiliar with proper exposure times, a camera with an automatic feature is essential.

Bringing an assistant along, especially one who knows the family and friends of the wedding party, is very helpful so you don’t miss shots important to the wedding party. The assistant should have their own camera so there is a back-up in case there is a problem with the primary photographer’s camera. Best Lenses For Wedding Photography reveal the simplest yet the most powerful secrets of wedding photography.

Following these simple guidelines should help in guiding the amateur wedding photographer in giving a unique present to the bride and groom.

Clear communication with your fiancé, setting limits with friends and family and sticking to a budget make wedding planning less complicated. This approach will lessen chances of misunderstanding.  There is much less stress for the bride and the experience will be enjoyable for family and friends.

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