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Pink Bridesmaid Dresses: How To Incorporate Pink Into Your Wedding Theme

Somehow pink always seems to make it into a bride’s day in one form or another.  Whether it is simply a splash of pink on the invitation or in the centerpieces or pink bridesmaid dresses, pink is the color of romance so it is no surprise that it is often the color of choice for weddings.

Incorporating pink into your wedding is a great idea whether your overall theme is pink or you just want to add a touch of it here and there.

Here are a few great ideas for bringing pink back and making your wedding day one to remember.

  • Pair it with a contrasting color if pink is not your overall theme. Assume you have chosen pink but wish to incorporate green into your wedding as well. There are several different options you could choose here; adding a green ribbon around the waist of the bridesmaid dresses, around their neck or in their hair as an accentuating accessory.  Add touches of green throughout the bouquets and centerpieces.  Pairing pink with lime green works best for a modern wedding.
  • Pink, pink, pink.  You are a fairytale princess and want a pink wedding.  Go for it in a big way.  Wear a tiara (Carrie Underwood).  Soft pink bridesmaid dresses look beautiful with baby pink roses and splashes of silver and gold throughout the bouquet. Go into all out fairy tale mode with carriage style favors and centerpieces.  After all, you are Cinderella for a day, so go for it.
  • Destination wedding.   If your price cialis venue is an exotic destination then opting for bright pink orchids is a great choice.  Go with the theme. Make the decor of your wedding as exotic as the destination by incorporating the color pink into centerpieces, dresses and flowers.
  • Modern wedding. Nothing says modern like bright bold stripes and beautiful rich colors.  Combine rich chocolate brown sashes with pink bridesmaid dresses for a rich modern look.  Small polka dots in the same color pink as the dress added to the sash will make the dress pop with trendiness while still keeping the romance of pink in your theme. Another option is to have alternating layers of pink and the chocolate brown in the dresses.

Pink is a tradition for brides to be. It is a classic color that is timeless. Since they were little, girls have always related the color pink to fairy tales and romance.

What better way to bring back those wonderful childhood memories than with the most important and romantic day of your life?

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