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Picking The Right Wedding Favors

The right wedding favors can be difficult enough to find, seeing how they should reflect not only the occasion but the couple and all their guests, but for people in alternative~ lifestyles for instance open marriages it can be highly challenging. On the one hand, traditional wedding favors do not seem to honor the most special aspect of such a marriage – namely, that it’s open and the couple isn’t exactly shy about the fact – but on the other hand most folks want to remember a marriage, not a social statement.

Of course, one might easily retort that marriage by definition is really a social statement to begin with – but the institution is so frequent and nearly universal that it is no “statement” at all, not in the sense of a declaration beyond the obvious.

Wedding favors are also statements, in effect, a kind of message from the couple to their guests. They symbolize what the couple wishes the guest to remember of the wedding, and also how the guest should view the couple. So how to go about choosing the right takeway gift, the right momento?

Ultimately, it depends on the couple, of course. The overwhelming vast majority would no doubt prefer innocous ceremonies and by extension sourvenirs – even anonymous affairs that make the official proclamation of their marriage blend into the vast background of all marriages occuring in their culture. Hence the double difficulty encountered by those in alternative family arrangements where nothing seems to recognize, much less celebrate, their beliefs.

What to do, then? Fortunately, many such individuals, individuals who pick and even proudly proclaim their unusual unions, are very creative and eminently capable of designing their own unique parting gifts for their guests. But as modern society becomes ever more permissive, it’s only a matter of time before enterprising people start catering to this niche market with particular items that not only recognize their particular flavor of marriage but even honor it.

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