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Picking The Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes


It is no secret that ladies love shoes! And a wedding is a great excuse to get a really fabulous new pair of shoes, whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid. Wedding shoes have a much harder job than regular footwear, and shopping for them is also harder. This is what you need to know before you go wedding shoe shopping.

There are two kinds of shoes in the world – comfortable shoes and beautiful shoes. Although it is not easy to find, there is one more type of footwear – shoes that are both stylish and easy to wear all night. That is easier said than done. Spending a long wedding day in painful shoes is the height of misery. Sometimes it may mean investing a little extra to get something you can stand to wear all night, so save on your bridesmaid jewelry or dress, but pay whatever it takes to have comfy feet.

Sky high shoes are rarely the most comfortable choice to wear for an entire ceremony and reception. Your feet will feel more comfortable, and you will be able to walk more easily. Even more than heel height, adequate padding is the key to comfort. While ballet slippers may seem like a good idea, they will not be as comfy as a shoe with a real sole and a low heel. It may seem like a good idea to wear gorgeous heels for the ceremony and comfy flats later, but the result will be a wedding gown dragging on the floor during the reception. Unless you are also changing into a second gown or wearing a short wedding dress, you would be better off choosing one pair that you can happily wear for the entire event.

The ideal shoes will also suit the style of the wedding gown or bridesmaid dress, as well as the location of the event. For instance, if you will be walking down a sand aisle wearing a sundress and beach theme bridesmaid jewelry, spike heels are an absolute no-no. Try a flat sandal. A jeweled or metallic sandal is fabulous for a wedding. If you are having a ceremony on grass, opt for a wide based heel which will not sink into the grassy surface. Alternately, a wedge heel will work very well and give some height to the petite ladies in the wedding. Be sure that your guests are informed when your wedding will take place on the grass or sand so that they may also choose appropriate footwear. Invite guests to leave their dress shoes on a shelf and slip into a pair of flip flops – in your wedding colors, of course.

Ideally, you should shop for your wedding shoes with a swatch of your dress to find a complimentary color. For bridal shoes, err on the side of a deeper color rather than one which is whiter than your wedding dress. A lot of brides stay away from traditional bridal shoes and opt for a great silk shoe in their favorite color instead. Dyed-to-match shoes are no longer very popular. Most brides today ask their attendants to select something appropriate in a metallic or neutral color, which bridesmaids definitely prefer because they can wear them again.

Naturally your shoes should pick up some of the best features of your wedding attire and accessories. A pair of sandals with a jeweled strap would be gorgeous with a beaded bridesmaid dress and crystal bridesmaid jewelry. Ballet flats with cute bows would be darling with a bridal gown featuring buy cialis online a bow at the waist. When you have the right shoes, you will look and feel fantastic.

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