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Performing at a wedding and interacting with an audience

As a wedding magician I get to attend many wedding receptions. I have to say and I am sure many other wedding magicians would agree, this is the best job in the world. Getting to be part of a couples day is astounding, much extraordinary is the incontrovertible fact that we can offer entertainment and bring smiles to the wedding that will only enhance the day making it the ideal wedding.

This was my first time performing at The Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter – Devon. The staff were very hospitable and made a great effort making the guests and myself feel welcome.

I started off performing magic in the hall for the youngsters, who surrounded me as fast as they knew I arrived. I performed a great magic effect where the magician swallows a long modeling balloon making a focus point to let all know that I am a magician.

After this I went table to table performing a sequence of card, coin mentalism and mind reading effects that left the wedding guests in amazement. I also performed a spooky magic trick called the haunted deck, where the deck of cards magically moves on it’s own cutting to the viewers card – this is one of my favourite magic tricks in the right circumstances.

If you’re trying to find wedding magicians in your area please be sure to check that they’re up to your standards as this is your important day and it should be a perfect one. You should be able to find many articles on google that can help with your wedding and all of the necessary planning that you need to take into consideration.

With that said – A big Congratulations and I’m hoping you have a fantastic wedding and I wish you luck in your new lives together.

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