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Outdoor Summer Wedding Planning Tips


Summer is prime wedding season. Couples often choose to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather by having an outdoor barn wedding or wedding in some other exterior site. Let these outdoor summer wedding planning tips help you organize a picture perfect day.

A top priority in planning an outdoor wedding is determining a Plan B for nasty weather. A primary weather concern in the summer months is blazing high temperatures. You need to have a sheltered area where your guests can take refuge from the beating sun in the afternoon. Barns, restored sheds, and side porches can all work. If rain is in the forecast, you either need to have a tent that can fit your entire guest list or a backup site indoors. Keep this in mind when researching venues. There will be some cases where the back up site is someplace else entirely. Always be sure that you have a solid plan B.

It is fantastic when you incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding. Use plenty of fresh blossoms to decorate your wedding in a nature-inspired fashion. Pretty flowers simply displayed are better for an outside wedding than very symmetrical fancy centerpieces. Set the tone by selecting flowers that suit your wedding theme. You could have loose bunches of hydrangea in tin pails for a shabby chic style or perhaps wildflowers in Mason jars for a simple country celebration. It can be nice to bring in fresh citrus fruits as part of your decor.

When the mercury soars, you need attire that helps keep you feeling cool and fresh. Don’t get bogged down by a hot heavy wedding dress for a summer celebration. A breezy chiffon halter dress worn with delicate bridal jewelry would be ideal for a summer ceremony. Avoid heavy satin dresses that will weigh you down. For the men in the wedding, choose summertime semi-formal attire. A classic seersucker suit is a fantastic look for the groom in an outdoor summer wedding. Another great look is navy blazers with khaki trousers. For a casual ceremony, the men can just wear pressed khakis and button down shirts with ties. That will be a very comfortable option!

Summer is a time of many wonderful fresh flavors, so be sure to include some of them in your wedding. As a rule of thumb, lighter fare is best in the summer. Choose dishes with light seasonings such as fresh herbs and splashes of citrus, rather than heavy sauces or cheese covered entrees. There are so many wonderful fruits and veggies in season that you should really try to plan your menu around them. You could have a tasty salad made of heirloom tomatoes or a cold cucumber soup to start the meal. A key lime tartlet would be a refreshing end to dinner. And keep the wedding cake equally light and seasonal, both in flavor and appearance. When you put it all together, the effect will be a marvelous summery wedding celebration.

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