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Our Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The 50th wedding anniversary of my parents is six months away. My mother already told all of us her children that she and my father will not have a renewal of vows in the church. They already did that during their 25th wedding anniversary. My mother also refused to host a grand party. She just wanted an intimate gathering of immediate family. If we were to invite other people into the intimate gathering, it would have to be close relatives. My parents just want to have dinner with all of us in a good restaurant. They want a simple but meaningful get together.


Being the eldest among the sigblings, I took it upon myself to organise my parents wedding anniversary dinner. All of us are working far from our hometown and it is so difficult for us to have a meeting physically. Our hectic schedule would prevent that. Utilizing Skype and using emails helped us to get in contact with each other and disseminate our ideas. During our discussions, we agreed that all our children will present a song number or a dance show for a short program. We know that our parents would be very glad to see their grandchildren’s presentations since they doted on them.


One of my sisters proposed that we will present our parents with a beautiful gift. Our problem is we don’t know what to give them. One other sister stated that if we were to give them a gift, it should be something that’s somewhat related to a golden wedding anniversary. A set of unique wedding rings uk would be a good idea, one brother suggested. He explained that palladium is part of the platinum group of metals. It is a rare element and has silvery-white in color. Platinum is also more expensive than palladium. What he said was we can take advantage of special offers if we order it as early as now.


We agreed with our brother’s suggestion. Since he was the one who brought up the idea, he will be given the task of canvassing for a proper design at the right price. From among the choices my brother gave us, we picked the set of palladium wedding rings with a 0.25 carat diamond at the center of the rings. There are two smaller diamonds each on the shoulder totaling five diamond platinum eternity rings in each ring. The five diamonds represent the 50 years our parents have been together as husband and wife through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health. These gifts are our way of thanking them for loving us. They have courageously brought us up to be good people.


Our parents were very happy on the night of their 50th wedding anniversary.They were very surprised by the presentations of their grandkids. But they were very glad to see the grandchildren and happier to experience their song numbers and dance presentations. We saw that our parents were very pleased with everything. They were clapping their hands all the time and the smile on their lips reached their eyes. Then came the surprise gifts. Everybody was muted as we told our parents how much we love them. Because of their sacrifices, we have made better lives for our own families. And we presented them with the gifts. Our parents were speechless. They didn’t expect anything such as these. They were gracious to have good and loving children.


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