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Online Wedding Invitations: Do they make sense for your wedding?

With well over 20 million online search results for “wedding invitations” on Google many possible purchasers accept that there are plenty of online choices for the savvy bridal couples. Sadly, this is not the case. Found below are several reasons why you might want to reconsider:

Hyped Sales Spiel for Wedding Invitations

Picking wedding invitations over the web may seem like an easy undertaking as there are a few web sites that claim to offer one of a kind, or “green”, or affordable wedding invitations. Generally these claims are unsound and often incorrect. If you believe that “bamboo paper” wedding invitations are “eco-friendly” consider the undeniable fact that the bamboo is probably grown in Viet Nam and sent to the United States. Is ‘eco-friendly” simply a “partial” carbon emission footprint? The same discussion applies to “recycled” wedding invitations: Is it 30%, 50% ro 100%?

Online Image Resoultions

Just as significantly, Internet image resolutions are 72 pixels. At this resolution level, it’s not possible to determine true colors, Furthermore, 3D pictures simply lose their richness and dimension on a flat screen. Ink colors change depending on the printing process and if you really want to determine true color outcomes, you must do so in the flesh.

Cheap Wedding Invitations

The web is completely full of web sites that offer “cheap,” “discounted,” and even “free” wedding invitations. Are the invitations “cheap” or “affordable” or is it simply a sales pitch. With no basis for comparison in terms of quality, it is virtually impossible to make comparisons on the web. You can’t see or touch the products, so how is possible to make quality comparisons?

Shop Local for Value

A longtime stationery shop in your neighborhood typically represents more than 20 marriage invitation sellers. At these retail outlets you're able to taste many a variety of paper varieties, see loads of modifications and receive experienced advice on crafting a marriage invitation that satisfies your individual wants. A professional stationer has traditionally helped many bridal couples create a customized wedding invitation. You have the advantage of seeing ink colours under different printing processes and have the chance to touch and feel a spread of paper textures. In short , you are making choices based mostly on real paper samples and ink colors.

Think twice about the obvious convenience of buying online. Shopping at stores in your neighborhood provides choices that are simply not available on the web.

Sheila May is the founder of Therese Saint Clair, a stationery store located in Greenwich, CT. If you would like additional information on wedding invitations, become a Facebook Fan and download ourFREE Marriage Invite Guide with many practical tips to help arrange the big day.

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