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On Planning A Special Occasion

In one survey conducted by The Knot Magazine, the average wedding budget was about ,000, but the average expenditures were ,900. This discrepancy can be caused by a lot of little things that quickly add up. For instance, most couples spent 35% more on cakes compared to past surveys, 18% more on their bands and 9.5% more on their photographers. The average gown price was a whopping ,317. Add party wedding favors to the mix and you’ve got yourself a real financial headache! Yet, wedding favor ideas are one place where you can give the ambiance of lavishness, without the gigantic bill attached.

Over at www.favors-n-gifts.com, you will find a wide array of wedding favors for under $1. These days, the edible candy or chocolate wedding favor is extremely popular because, let’s face it, half the people at the party will forget their favors anyway! This gives people something to munch on while they’re waiting for their food or after dinner while they’re trying to get rid of the dreaded booze breath. For as low as 89 cents, you can give your guests miniature personalized candy jars full of refreshing mints. Other clever theme party favors include bear-shaped cookie cutters (59 cents), two-peas-in-a-pod candles (99 cents), Calla Lily bookmarks (99 cents), a sea treasures picture frame (99 cents), fall leaf key rings (99 cents), butterfly compact mirrors (79 cents), watering can place-card/picture holders (99 cents), tuxedo mint tins (66 cents), personalized tea bags (79 cents) or Hershey mini wrappers (40 cents).

You’ll find unique wedding favors on-the-cheap at www.favorsandflowers.com, where the party wedding favors look much more expensive than they really are! Who wouldn’t love a pear-shaped candle in a pail for 80 cents? Martha Stewart goodie bags (for 65 cents each) let you cram your favorite treats into stylish favor bags. Other adorable party favor boxes are brightly colored or clear, and shaped like beach suitcases, purses, pillows, popcorn boxes, palm trees, dice, wicker baskets and Chinese take-out boxes. Personalized tea bags can be bought for just 85 cents, or you may want to decorate the wine glasses at the table and give the gift of frosted cherry blossom glass shades for . There are many elegant options just over too, including decorative soaps, coasters, wine stoppers and lanterns.

At www.plantamemory.com, you can choose environmentally friendly party wedding favors for that gives your guests flower seeds in a personalized envelope. You can choose between Butterfly Garden Mix, Daisy Seed, Forget-Me-Not Seed, Garden Mix, Herbal Garden Mix, Lavender, Love In A Mist, Rose Seed or Wildflower Mix. What could be better for a spring time wedding than something to appease your green thumb guests and brighten their lives, just as your significant other has brightened your life? Or, for 95 cents, you may want to buy little terra cotta plants and put a flower or some seeds in yourself. Personalized mint favors sell for just 20 cents a piece or, if you don’t mind going just over , you can get a unique wedding favor tea infuser for .29.

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