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Ocean City Maryland Beach Wedding Events

A beach marriage ceremony is surely an ideal strategy to take pleasure in a enjoyable, straightforward & florida beach wedding packages stress free wedding ceremony. Most beaches are blessed with stunning natural beauty that result in fantastic wedding pictures. A destination wedding at the beach is a great opportunity for your friends and family to get pleasure from a mini vacation during your marriage ceremony week. A destination wedding may reduce your list guest. Not only will this minimize overhead, most guests who decline will still send gifts! Many couples who tie the knot on the sand conveniently combine the wedding and the honeymoon. This is a wonderful cost saving option that may free up some money to put a down payment on a house or pay off some florida beach weddings all inclusive loans.


Speaking of saving money – can you guess the average price of a marriage ceremony in the metro areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia & Washington DC? In 2010 it was over $32,000. Recent unpredictability in the economy has prompted the modern bride to be as resourceful as possible to keep her dream wedding on budget. The beauty of the seaside is that it is definitely an inexpensive venue. Ocean City, MD is a free public seaside. The wedding friendly local government has made this family resort one of the most popular destinations on the east coast to say “I do”. Beaches in Delaware and Virginia impose small seashore permit and parking fees. These fees are minimal compared to what you would pay by the hour in the city for your ceremony venue. The pictures and video from a perfect day at the seaside are priceless.


During the summer months the best time for your seaside wedding pictures is sunrise or sunset. The skyline is spectacular at those times and there are usually less spectators on the sand. From 10 am until 5 pm the beaches can get pretty crowded. It can also be ridiculously hot in the middle of the day. Even a nice ocean breeze won’t keep you dry during a 3 pm August ceremony. Try to wait until the lifeguards vacate the seaside. Families and children will usually follow soon after. After 5:30 pm, the beach is pretty sparse – a few surfers, a couple playing Frisbee and an old man with a metal detector. Early morning is the florida beach wedding package very best time for exclusivity. A sunrise seaside wedding ceremony is as romantic as it gets!

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