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Muslim Weddings - The Story

A Muslim marriage is referred to as Nikaah. The mehendi ceremony inaugurates the Muslim wedding. This event takes place at the house of the bride wherein cialis online buy the hands and feet of the bride and the other female members of the house are adorned with beautiful henna patterns. This event starts the wedding festivities. The bride is usually decked in the clothes and jewelry that had been sent to her by the groom’s family.

The actual wedding ceremony is referred to as Nikaah. The walis, the fathers of the bride and the groom play an important role in a Muslim wedding. Valimah is the grand reception that is hosted by the groom’s family. The family and friends of the bride and groom come together to make the marriage a truly joyous occasion

Like in all cultures, a Muslim wedding celebration is considered to be a big and wonderful cialis no rx occasion. In some traditions, Muslim wedding ceremonies are extremely lavish and expensive, while in others, they are kept simple and conservative.

Muslim weddings in different countries are somewhat similar to wedding buy Albendazole online traditions of most other cultures. Muslim weddings and marriages in various countries differ somewhat, as some cultures prefer to introduce more Islamic ceremonies than others.

Whether the wedding ceremonies take place in Pakistan or India, Singapore, or Malaysia, they are all unique affairs. Malay marriages tend to be rather regal affairs. The bride and groom are both treated with great respect for a day. Before the wedding takes place, a ceremony will be held wherein the bride’s feet and palms are decorated with dye. A tradition in Singapore requires that the groom pay an entrance fee in order to see the bride.

After the groom finally overcomes all the obstacles, the wedding ceremony will finally take place. Brides are usually decorated very beautifully in various Muslim cultures. Arabic and Islamic cultures hold very elaborate and expensive wedding celebrations. Brides wear very extravagant jewelry, which can include 22 K gold bracelets, earrings, and head jewelry worn over the shawl. The wedding ceremonies can last up to three days!

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