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Ah yes…what to wear to the wedding.  And it’s not just the fairer sex who have wedding wardrobe wobbles, it happens to the guys too.

Whether you’re the prince charming waiting to sweep his princess off her feet at the aisle, the father-of-the-bride nervously anticipating the next chapter in his precious daughter’s life, the best man or member of the bridal party or simply an invited guest…you’ll need to make the right choice of formal wear.  With photos broadcast on social networking pages almost instantaneously – you wouldn’t want to be the laughing stock of FaceBook because of your fashion faux pas, would you ?  Nor would you want to be immortalised in the wedding album for the wrong reasons !. 

It’s essential to choose the right attire for the big day says South West mens clothing specialist, Stepping Up Menswear.  The most important thing is to check the details on the invitation.  If the dress is ‘black tie’ – then it’s a James Bond style tuxedo.  You can also wear your tuxedo if the dress code is ‘formal’, but usually a dark suit would be your best choice of menswear.  ‘Morning suits’ is an old-fashioned dress code, and requires top hats and tails …usually best left to the English aristocracy or celeb show-offs!. 

The general rule of thumb is that weddings are considered formal occasions, so formal wear is appropriate ie a suit.  Unless of course, the happy couple are tying the knot on a beach, barefoot and clad in flowing white linen… in which case, you would ditch your charcoal grey, freshly drycleaned suit for something a bit more ‘suitable’!  If it’s a spring or summer wedding in the day time, mens’ suits can be light in colour and light in fabric, but the proper way is to wear a dark cotton suit.  Winter and night-time weddings require dark mens suits (navy, charcoal, gray) in a heavier fabric, usually wool.  Tuxedos generally aren’t worn before 5.00pm in the evening. 

Always choose menswear that complements your body shape.  Shorter men should wear jackets with a deep ‘V’ shape to elongate their bodies.  If you tend to be on the short and wide side, then opt for formalwear that has a single breasted jacket with one or two buttons. 

Another rule of wedding attire is that guests shouldn’t overshadow the bridal party.  If they’re wearing black tie, then you should keep your tuxedo in the cupboard and go for a dark suit instead. 

If you’re in any doubt about what to wear to a wedding – why not ask the specialist wedding free cialis suit hire shops for advice ?.  They will have all the answers about what to wear – as well as advice on what style, shape and fabric of formal wear best flatters your silhouette.   

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