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A great way to help friends celebrate their wedding is to try digital wedding photography and posting the pictures online. This allows friends and family who cannot attend the event to share in the festivities.  Some careful planning before the wedding day will ensure great fun and great photos.

The first consideration is the camera. A cell phone camera is sufficient for images for personal use, but to produce quality digital wedding photography using a high end digital camera is recommended. A quality camera will provide images with vivid color and sharp detail. Zoom features help the amateur photographer to take close-up pictures without getting in the way of the wedding party.

Lighting is another important factor. Natural light is the best choice because you do not need to manage the distortions of flash photography and color variations caused by artificial light. For those who do not know to manage exposure time, a camera with an automatic function is essential. Bridal photographers help to enhance your digital wedding photography abilities and make many happy clients

Composition is also an essential factor in taking pictures. Compose pictures by dividing the pictures into thirds and place the person in either the first or last third of the picture. Remember never put the principal subject in the middle of the picture. Attending to the placement of people in pictures assures interesting and eye-catching pictures.

One of the great advantages of digital wedding photography is the ability to post them online almost immediately using services such as Twitpic and Flickr. There are other numerous services online which allow for personalization of the online wedding album.

Digital Wedding Photography Tip


Portrait pictures are often the best pictures, because many of the subjects in the photograph will give their best smiles and best assets towards the picture being taken. Today there are not very many events that bring a whole family together for portrait shots. Digital wedding photography gives families the opportunities at weddings and unfortunately at other events such as funerals to gather around to take family pictures.  It is a time for the family to be together to witness and cherish the wedding day. The bride and groom will cherish the pictures taken of them after the wedding ceremony as well.  There will be many friends to share in the wondrous occasion, so click away with the digital camera. Don’t worry about pictures that didn’t turn out too great. There is always time to upload the photos and use those wonderful and great computer photo programs to fix, alter and produce some really fantastic photos. Best Lenses For Wedding Photography provides you with all of the professional understanding required for a marriage shoot, and provides a confidence increase in handling your customers better

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