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Make Your Hens Night Memorable With A Rhinestone Black And Bling Theme

If you’re looking for hens do ideas for hens nights, a great place to start is to choose a theme for the evening. A theme that is very popular nowadays is black and bling with rhinestone t shirts and apparel. With this theme, the ladies wear an item of black clothing and perhaps the bride a tiara. Each member of the Hen’s Party would purchase an inexpensive black shirt in a style and size they’re most cosy in. They then apply iron on rhinestone transfers to the front of each shirt with a slogan like Bridal Party or Hen’s Party on the front.

You can create these yourself by going directly to your local fabric store and purchasing rhinestone letters or shapes to make the word or design that you are going to iron onto your shirt. An alternate way, which is perhaps simpler, would be to browse online and buy a transfer for the entire Hen Party. Each member of the Hen’s Party can iron on the transfers themselves making this a really very economical way of creating a glitzy and uniform Hen’s Party.

You might possibly do this for a bit less than $20 per head, including the shirt, if you purchase the tees and transfers on the internet. You might also like to buy the bride a different transfer, similar to Bride or Bride to Be, just so everybody knows who the big night is for. When looking for great hen night ideas it’s crucial to ensure that you find a theme which will make the ‘bride to be ‘ feel special on the night.

Having everyone dress in a ‘group ‘ theme really sets the atmosphere for the night and puts the Hen’s Party in a great frame of mind. Going out as part of a glitzy and glamorous group is certain to attract attention and is an entertaining way to go out on the town. The footage of everybody black and blinged will look awesome and provide special memories of the night for all involved.

At the end of the night each girl will have a lovely souvenir to remind them of the very occasion. So if you are looking for fabulous hen night ideas, remember that a black and bling theme is sure to please and won’t break the bank.

Lilly is a designer and writer for fashion who has discovered the potential and wonder of rhinestones and crystal bling. Lilly’s main interest is in hot fix rhinestone designs and applications that create trendy and cheap clothing. Iron on Rhinestone Transfers are perfect Hens Night Ideas and will always make the night special for the bride and Hen Party. Visit blingworks today to find out how you can create your very own Rhinestone Iron on Transfers.

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