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Maid of Honor Speech for your next wedding

Wow.  What a great time in life.  If you’ve been selected to give the Maid of Honor Speech at a friend’s wedding, you’re very likely trying to get some ideas.  Allow me to attempt to provide you with the best of what I know from my years of experience as a professional speaking consultant.


Planning is important, and you’ve done a great thing by looking for information ahead of time.  You’d be surprised how many people ignore the fear they have about public speaking and tell themselves “I’ll figure it out the couple of days before,” “the night before,” or God forbid “in the car on the way there.  ” By the way, if you’re not nervous, I’m worried.  What I’m trying to say here is that it’s completely natural to feel anywhere from a bit jittery to completely terrified at the idea of having to give a maid of honor speech.  It’s completely normal.  I still get nervous every single time I prepare to speak, whether at a professional engagement, or even a casual dinner.  cialis without prescription Okay, now that you know your nerves are normal, let’s look at the maid of honor speech itself.


The technical aspects of the Maid of Honor Speech:

First, you might consider starting by telling the audience who you are, and thanking them for coming.  Then, consider a story or two.  Everyone on Earth likes to hear a story.  The first thing might be something relating to what you thought of the groom when you met him.  This always seems to be a great topic go with , because it’s totally acceptable for you to just slightly poke a little fun at him, as if to say “I wasn’t really sure about Jim when he first started dating Laura.  He drove this old beat up car and had a slightly strange craving for French fries after midnight.”


Hello!  In case I haven’t had the chance to meet you in person yet, my name is _________.  I’m the maid of honor today , and I’m so proud of _______ (the bride).  First, I want to say congrats ________(bride & groom).  Also, thanks to _______(the bride’s parents, who likely put on the wedding) and everyone who came from near and far to be here with ________(bride and groom) on their very special day.

Keep any jabs you might be thinking would be funny for the groom in your maid of honor speech to a very low level.  As you will probably be sensing just thinking about your past experience, at a wedding, people place the parts of themselves that might be frustrated about the “darker side” of humanity on the back burner.  These people are there to feel feelings of love, joy and happiness.  They don’t want to be reminded about acomplia pharmacies the nasty things that can come out in people, like lust, greed, pain, etc .  So keep from telling jokes that might hint at these things.  A tiny ever-so-slightly negative comment about the groom is okay, but only once, and try to make it very light.

When I first met ____ (groom), I remember wondering if things would work out. I recall him coming to the door [or hearing about him coming to her door if you didn’t live with the bride] one night at midnight asking for _____(bride).  He had on this old flannel shirt, and I think asked ____(bride) if she wanted to get some french fries.I had my second thoughts , but as I got to know him better, I started to see he was an easy person to talk to, he has a great sense of humor, and after time, I realized he was a great match for ______(bride).  I want to be the second to welcome _______(groom) to the family. We hope we can show you the same outgoing and open spirit as you have shown us.


To continue with this exact speech example, see this site: with an example Maid of Honor Speech.

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