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You can almost hear the groans of dismay when the subject of wedding flowers comes up because they’re often just SO expensive.

But for those planning the perfect wedding, these fresh ideas from one of the best flower shops in Perth will blow your mind but not your budget.

Before A Touch of Class florist gets into the creative side of things, they have an important recommendation – and that is to choose flowers that are in season.  Locally grown ones are cheaper than imported or hothouse varieties, and interestingly, white flowers can also be more expensive than coloured ones because florists have to buy extras just in case the delicate white petals bruise or go brown.

It’s also worth knowing that you can buy flowers online – which can be a cheaper option.

Don’t dismiss the chrysanthemum, say the florists – it may be cheap and cheerful, but its versatility and good looks make it an ideal wedding flower.  Think of packing white chrysies around a ball of oasis for an eye-catching centrepiece or ‘mass planting’ very short-stemmed coloured ones in long, low, narrow boxes.

An inexpensive but fabulously stylish idea is to use simple paper bags over ordinary containers to bring out your colour scheme.

Potted flowers are also becoming more and more popular for wedding tables, says the Perth flower shops.  From tulips to delicate orchids, chrysanthemums and even miniature roses – these are a cost-effective flower delivery that look fab AND can be given away as lasting memories of the occasion.

Size counts, says A Touch of Class, and brides should be mindful that bigger flower heads such as hydrangeas may be more expensive per bloom but will take up more space in a vase than say, three roses or three tulips.

These are just a few of the many ‘luxe for less’ ideas for wedding flowers ….so if you’re planning your nuptials, why not have a chat to your local online florist to check out how to buy flowers online and save?

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