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Let’s make your wedding day special

Your wedding day is the most sacred and special day of the year and it is important to get it just right. A brilliant way to get your wedding day to be better than anyones is to lease out marquees. There are many different aspects to look at when leasing out party marquees and I have listed the main points;

  • The Ground

When you are looking at renting out a wedding venue do try and make sure that the ground itself is completely level or as close as can be as it will be difficult to lay out loads of tables and things like that. Additionally, it is worth knowing if the ground is suitable for flooding as we are all aware that the British weather can be a little tricky sometimes.

  • The Power

If you are planning on getting in a DJ then having power hooked up to the marquee is cialis online crucial. If the venue cannot provide power then you may have to look at other options like a generator which will suffice.

  • Parking

This is probably at the back of your mind but it is very important to consider. Most people will be looking at driving to a wedding with about 4 or 5 people in the car so it is important to find a venue which has either a gravel or tarmac car park so people will not get stuck at all if it is wet.

  • Hotels

Most of your guests and yourself included will be drinking so driving is not an option. There are enough of hotels and B&B’s which will offer you deals if many people are all staying in the hotel at the same time so it may end up costing you a lot less than you initially thought of.

OK so I hope that these various points would of helped you establish what will make an awesome wedding and what will not. There are several areas in here that will be excellent to think about. A great website to find out about wedding’s is http://www.confetti.co.uk/


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