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Kill Your Wedding MC Nerves Now!

If you’ve been asked to be the Wedding MC and the thought makes your palms sweat, butterflies seem to have nested in your stomach and you feel sick every time you think of the wedding day, at least have the knowledge that you’re not alone – almost everyone on earth has a natural fear of public speaking.

That may not provide much relief, but the good news is that by putting a bit of thought and practice in before the day actually happens you’ll be well on your way to starting confidently cialis and once you’ve started the rest will be easy.

You should have been issued the plan of the wedding by now, with info such as running order, times, places and people involved, as well as any other details that might help you. Once you know how the day is supposed to pan out you can plan your moments accordingly.

The big secret is that you don’t need to spend hours to do this – 10 minutes making notes is enough to get you started. Don’t spend too long and don’t worry too much if you think it isn’t very good.

Just get it down on paper, or write it on a word processor. The kind of things you will need to say are introductions, telling people when the meal is about to be served, the arrival of the bride and groom, cutting the wedding cake – that sort of thing that will all be written down on the wedding plan.

Getting the notes down on paper gives you some basic ideas to develop for the day. As I said, they may not be any good and that doesn’t matter. But when you sit down again and spend 25 minutes tidying those notes up something will happen – you’ll find you mind has been working in the background and producing other ideas which you can add as you edit.

By the time you’ve completed 25 minutes you’ve earned a 5 minute break – don’t be tempted to carry on without it. After a five minutes break spend 25 minutes more if you can, or come back to it another day if you can’t. By spending small amounts of each time for a few days it won’t seem like a lot and you won’t spend hours with a blank piece of paper thinking you can’t do it.

This is one of the secrets to creativity – just doing stuff and getting it down, maybe even just getting the bad stuff out the way until the magic starts to happen.

The magic will come and you’ll get some great ideas down to use as Wedding MC and you’ll find you produce announcements for the wedding that are eloquent and probably amusing too.

Now you should start practising out loud, editing it to make sure you can speak it well and commit the big ideas to memory. Make some short notes that outline what you will say. So that’s that then – you’ll triumph as Master of Ceremonies.

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