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Keys To Planning an Inexpensive Wedding

To begin planning for an inexpensive wedding, first make a list of the big ticket items. free cialis The big expenses are ceremony, reception, food, wedding dress and entertainment. Create your budget and stick to the plan. You may be discouraged with prices when you begin to browse for ideas. Be smart and shop around. Do not make commitments without talking it over with your groom, family, and friends.

Weddings are notorious for last minute extra charges, so leave yourself a little cushion just in case. Who is funding the wedding day? If you have a close family, chances are that they will want to help out. Sometimes shopping with Mom can be frustrating, but be patient. If family is eager to help, let them. Include your family and friends are much as you can. Engagements are a happy time. This is a step in your life you can never reclaim; enjoy it with the people you love.

Try to one-stop shop. Have your ceremony and reception on the same property. Look for a venue that can also host the entire day. Hotel packages will lump together the use of their garden for a ceremony and the reception hall for dinner. Two rooms are usually given for wedding party to dress along with a honeymoon suite after. Have the entire wedding in one place and cut out transportation fees completely.

Is there a friend or family member willing to host your party? Cut out the reception hall rental fees entirely by having a backyard wedding. The most romantic and memorable weddings can be held at home. There are many advantages to having a backyard wedding. No need to scramble in case you forget to pack something. Many rental venues give you only a few hours to prepare for your reception. At home you can decorate the house and yard at your own pace for weeks ahead of time, and that is a major stress relief.

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