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Keep Your Wedding Intimate With Small Wedding Venues

Some like weddings which are as grand as a New Year’s and Christmas celebration. Some like weddings which are attended by celebrities and famous personalities. But the most meaningful wedding of all is an intimate wedding. An intimate wedding can be celebrated under a tree where you first saw your bride. It can just be 5 people attending the wedding. Whatever the case is, small and intimate weddings are possible and easy to plan.
This dream can be made a reality with small wedding venuesin Melbourne. There are so many sites in which weddings can be celebrated but you will be the one to decide which ultimate venue you would consider the most intimate. The key to an intimate wedding practically have these components in them:
1. Few people involved. As much as possible keep the wedding small by inviting only a few people. When we say few, it can be as few as five people attending your wedding or just you, the bride/groom, the minister, and the witnesses. Or you can also invite the closest of friends. It can still be intimate when there are 60 or 100 people in your wedding but these people have to be truly part of your lives, no wedding crashers, no friends of friends, no tagalongs during the wedding itself. The number of people attending would be totally up to you. You would know who to invite for this momentous occasion.
2. Special symbols. As a couple, there are moments in your life that you have created symbols which have a deep intimate meaning. It might just be a pair of shoes, or a simple necklace, or the first hotdog sandwhich that you shared together. You can make this symbol more meaningful by making it part of your special wedding. For example, as a souvenir, you can give away sands from your first beach outing together as a couple; you can also give away personally made souvenirs and what not.
3. Color and theme. Certainly you have a theme in mind which is more likely integrated with your color of choice. Make this really a color which both of you prefer and really love. Start the 1st day of your married life as colorful as you can.
These are just some things which can make a wedding intimate and meaningful. It is a solemn celebration and it is also good for your budget.

Article By Johnathon F Black

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